Solo Exhibition

2018 MS.Walter’s Trouble Mind, Curated by Yi Hsin Huang, AMPM Space, Taipei, Taiwan
2017 Change is purple, Curated by Yi Hsin Huang, liáu liáu Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

Group Exhibition
2019 Showfields x Future / Past, Curated by Tam Gryn, New York, United States
2019 Bad Video Art Festival, Zverev Center of Contemporary Art, Moscow, Russia
2019 Marzo 2019 Cine Independiente, Cineteca Nuevo León, Monterrey, Mexico
2018 Monitors, AIR Gallery, London, United Kingdom
2018 RAW, Curated by Tam Gryn, The Moore Building, Miami, United States
2018 Tactics, Works, Terms, Forms, Statements, Curated by Kari Conte, New York, United States
2017 Aaaaaaaaaaaah!, Curated by Yael Azoulay and Ali Shrago-Spechler, Space Heater Gallery, New York, United States

2019 ART Habens Art Review, Biennial Edition
2019 Null Set+Slag Magazines, Vol 4 Issue 1: RURALity